My First Time Twitter Experience

I chose soccer as my theme, African soccer to be specific. The articles I have identified are from South African soccer publication named Soccer Laduma, it is arguably the most popular and the most accurate soccer publication in the country. I chose articles that were focusing on Bafana Bafana because during the 4th – 11th October it was FIFA international period and Bafana Bafana are in the race to qualify for 2018 FIFA World Cup. #BafanaBafana was trending, so I had to tweet my comments about few articles published by Soccer Laduma using the same hashtag (#BafanaBafana). Below is a list of my three stories:

Screenshot Example Of My Twitter Account.

I don’t have many followers at the moment and I did not receive much feedback for my tweets. I only managed to get 2 likes, 2 retweets, and only one comment. I think that is not bad for a new twitter account. I activated this account 2 weeks ago because I wanted an account that would be exclusively for my work and for my blog. It would look unprofessional to use my personal Twitter handle to share my blog posts, so I had to create the one that matches my blog theme and name.

Watch Below: How To Use Twitter

People are now starting to follow me, even though it is slow but I think in time I will have more followers. What I am going to do differently in future when I post these kinds of tweets is that: I am going to include multimedia such as pictures and videos because people love content that is more visual. This will help me drive more traffic to my blog and have more followers on Twitter.


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