Mafinikio FC has enjoyed a very successful season in the first ever UJ Women’s Internal League despite finishing second on the log, with three wins, three draws, and without a loss. The ladies from Impumelelo Ladies residence in the greater UJ APK campus collected medals in all three competitions that were played this season, which are: Imbokodo (Women) Internal League, Stigma Knockout Cup, and SRC Cup.

Impumelelo FC Lifting their trophy during SRC Cup.. photo adapted from Impumelelo Ladies Res Instagram page

despite facing many challenges, of which one of them was not having a proper coach, Bonolo Mahudu (20) who is the current sports HK of Impumelelo Ladies Residence, and one of the playmakers in team, says that the ladies hard work, dedication, and commitment were the three pillars of the team throughout the season, and that is what made all the difference. “throughout the whole season we worked very hard as a team, even though we didn’t have a coach, we were very dedicated in terms of practising, playing together as a team, and enjoying what we do.” she said. Bonolo added that the their players were willing and eager to participate, which also made things very easy for them.

“I think most of my teammates love soccer, and they have passion for soccer, so it wasn’t hard to get them to participate, which made the job more easier for us.”

Bonolo and her teammates watching the game from the stand… photo taken from Impumelelo Ladies Res Instagram page

It is believed that the team could have been even more successful this year, if only they did not loose one of their star players due to injuries, Dieketseng Dingaan (20) who is better known as “Neymar” because she makes the game, picked up a thigh injury during their game against IK FC in the stigma knockout cup, which landed her in hospital, and saw her being ruled out for the rest of the season.

“I had a bone fracture on my thigh during that stigma game, at one moment I thought it got better and I went for UJ team trials, little did I know that I’m making it worse, so its been a while since I played the game.” said Neymar, who expressed how playing soccer made her feel.

“I love soccer with all my heart, and I play it with passion, so being in the field felt so great, even though sometimes we didn’t win, but it felt great.” she added.

Bonolo Mahudu (left) and Dieketseng “Neymar” Dingaan (Right) poses for a picture at UJ AW Müller Field. photo by Mpho Nelson

The ladies are looking forward to next season, hoping that there will be some changes, especially in the management positions, they say that they hope to have a female representative, whom they will feel comfortable addressing their problems to.

Watch: UJ first ever Internal Women’s soccer league a success

Article by : Mpho Nelson


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