I started this blog as an assignment at the university, but because of the passion I have for African soccer, this blog will be part of my everyday journey. This blog focuses on soccer in Africa.
From the dusty streets of Africa to the highest continental stages. All major soccer news across the continent, videos, highlights, live scores, results, and exclusive interviews will be covered here.

I personally think that African soccer has not been given enough attention by the mainstream media. Hence we see lack of sponsorships, poor facilities, and young talents vanishing because the world cannot see us. It is about time that African soccer be recognized and it is our job as African journalists to give it that recognition, hence my theme “The Revolution of African Soccer”
Domestic football will be covered in this blog, We uprooting the young talent and we also showcase the best talent that Africa has to offer. Small teams from various townships and players will be given a chance to have their say and showcase their talents. This blog will cover news from these areas straight to the top of the highest stage of the continental football (Africa Cup Of Nations).

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